Energetic Release

Energetic World Releasing Journey

Restoring energy flows

Energetic World Tour with The Siddharta and Kripalu

For many years I have been traveling to various locations on this planet, to find energetic points, where it feel like the energy might needs some releasing help, to free up this planets energetic flow.
The map below, show some of the places visited on my Mystical Journey, to release old stress and energies, as I was guided towards them.
In the beginning of my more conscious life, I traveled alone, but the later years, the singing-bowl Siddhartha, has been amplifying the awareness needed to restore energetic flows.
At some point I learned to use my fingers during healing, kind of  similar to using acupuncture, but with a energetic "needle" from my fingers. Then I tried the same approach to find energy "knots" in nature.
By letting two of my fingers hoover above the map on my cellular phone, I found energy points to go to, and so I did, all over this World.
And when I got to the location, i kind of figure out what to do next.

              and Kripalu World Travel

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Taiwan, Sacred
                WoodTaiwan, Soul ReleaseAustralia,
                Crystal CastleAustralia-ByronBayNew-Zealand-MaxineNew-Zealand-LakeNew-Zealand-OrbsPeru-Cusco-Sacred-StonePeru-God-GatePeru CuscoNepal MuktinahSri-Lanka-Buddha-treeSri-Lanka-KandySri-Lanka-StupaUSA-LAUSA-LanaiUSA-Maui-2012-Dec-21 SUnriseLuisenburg Rock Labyrinth

Continents: Europe Americas Asia Africa Oceania

Energetic Visits


Malta Azores Bosnia Croatia France Italy Germany Austria St. Marteen
Gozo Azure Window Malta-Temple Malta Last Stage
So far I have done 3 trips to Malta, in this lifetime.
Malta came repeatedly into my awareness in various ways, on flights, commercials, and finally after a good friend/goddess mentioned it, and I started to smile.
We planned to do a conscious course on Malta, and to get some more information about the Maltese history, I came in contact with the German professor, living on Malta, Dr. Hubert Zeitlmaier, who has done many investigations on Malta, and for our Goddess AshTar-Tara, and out Atlantis roots.
So on my first visit to Malta, Professor Hubert spent 3 days with, telling me about Maltese history, and showing me around to a variety of energetic points.

And this insight, made me go around the World to search for a Blue Crystal.

Malta_Strong_Roundabout Malta-FlatTop_Energy
In 2014, I went back to mainly experience winter solstice at Hagar Kim temple, and missed it by a day..
I also traveled around on the 3 islands to see what the various Pin points on my map, would tell me.
This time I traveled with The Siddhartha, and the most strange place to play him, was in the middle of a tiny roundabout outside, Valletta.
It was like standing in a very open portal with a huge flow of energies passing thru me.

In 2017, the urge to get back was strong.
Again Dr. Zeitlmaier spent some days with me and Nadya, and took Siddhartha and me to the Comino Power spirals.
A very strong and odd experience.
According to Dr. Hubert, the Yin and Yang on our planet, has shifted side as seen on one of the spirals, and that is good news for the change in consciousness that can help our planet and its being to a smoother living.
Comino SpiralComino

Azores-SantaMaria Azores Azores-SantaMaria
The Azores was visited in 2015, because of the "Blue crystal" I found on my around the world tour, and to search for the Atlantis connection.
I first ended up on Santa Maria, as it had the most pulling magnets. As it also was full moon, i searched for full moon ceremony on Santa Maria, so I could let Siddhartha share his knowledge. I got in contact with a lovely yoga teacher, Tiffany and her daughter Luna, and we found a good friendship


When I first heard of Damanhur, on a Monday, I did a quick view online, and Thursday i arrived there, to explore what it was about.
Damanhur, Italy is very connected to ancient teaching, from Atlantis, Egypt and the Selfic Energy.
They also have built an amazing Temple of Humankind, inside the mountain.
I have visited Damanhur many times, and have got a lot of friends there. I also tried to live with them for three months, to check if living in a spiritual and ecological community, would be OK for me.  As I'm very individual, I did not fit in, but for those more tribal, it is a valuable experience.

Abetone, Italy
On one of my European journeys, I drove my Aprilia motorbike, through Europe, towards Damanhur and Italy.
It was an interesting long drive, with stops on several pin points on my map in Germany, France and Switzerland.
On a tour in Northern half of Italy, I was guided towards Abetone, and I went there, bypassing my minds attempts to distract me. The nice winding roads toward Abetone, was fun to drive with my motorbike. When I arrived at Abetone, I stopped at the centre of the little village, and was curious to figure out what I was supposed to do.
Nothing clear came to my mind, but I picked up Siddhartha, and played him for a while, with the regular releasing intention. A peaceful sense came, and I was OK with that. As the hotel was closed for summer season, I continued further down the road, and found a nice camping site, to rest and stay overnight in my tent.
In my dreams some nights later, a choir of females was singing Abetone, and dancing in front of me.

Matva Sei, Italy, is a community, close to Damanhur, and with connections to ancient Druids and more energies.
They serve retreats, and rent out rooms. I again tried to be part of a community, and after a couple of short visits, i drove my camper-van down from Norway, and stayed for 3 months.
To bring my camper car, with trailer down the very narrow road, where regular cars, had to back up around the turn, is a story by itself, but I made it.
Matva Sei area, has previously been used by druids, and it is still a old Druid grave yard there, a medicine wheel, and some strong big crystals, and more.
It was interesting to see how I interacted with the others, and also the parts that did not suit me.

"Tiger" and the Korean boy

During the 2011 tour in Peru, with Gregg Braden, I was lucky enough to meet "Tiger", and elderly Italian mystic. He was very clear in his messages, and set me "free".
Later he invited me to a Easter time retreat, on a ecological farm in Italy. Together with his Korean friends we enjoyed very high class locally produced food, and nice meditations and Healing
During one of the breakfasts, the sibling of a cute Korean lady, climbed behind my back, and started to rock my back, while he was telling me something in Korean. According to the young lady, he was telling me to get out there, and tell the World about better options and view of what is possible
Paris, France.
The number 1314 was shown to me very often, so I had to start investigating what it was about.
After quite some various searches, the name Jacques de Molay came, and indicated when he was killed in Paris in the year of 1314.
So during a flight change on my way home from a job outside Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, I got some hours to visit the exact place where he was killed.
It felt strange to be there.
Jacues de Molay, was the Grand Master of the Templar's, and was killed by direct order from the pope.
Most likely because he knew where the Holy Grail was kept.

Mulhouse. France.
Was standing at the Pin point on the map for a while, and it felt like it was a portal of some kind.
Did not get any messages, or reason to be there.
But the night was filled with negative thoughts about my lousy contribution to share the messages from the Source.

4 Syncronic Lines
Gaillefontaine, France.

For the winter of 2019, I chose to go south driving my RV, towards Italy and Spain. I had a few point on my map, and one was to check out what I felt was a crossing of 4 syncronic lines. I found a small castle near Gaillefontaine.
I played the Siddhartha at the gate going into the Castle, and to me it felt also like lot of grief for a dead inhabitant was released for the people in the Castle

Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth Loisenburg, Germany, On my way North again after my motorbike ride down to Italy, one of the pinpoints on my map, was the Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth. It was a strange place to visit, with it's many strange formations, and maze.

Energetic Visits


In 2011 I got a strong calling to go to Peru, and after participating on a conscious expo in Chicago, I noticed that Gregg Braden was doing a tour in Peru. So I promptly booked a space, and did go for 2 weeks with 80 people from 16 countries, and did an additional week afterwards.
The group met in Cusco, and then we were bussed directly to the Sacred Valley, where we stayed some days, to get used to the altitude.
We were doing some excursion to various sites in the Sacred Valley, before we finally went towards Machu Picchu. Before we entered the train from Ollantaytambo, we walked around in the ancient structures, and wondering how they managed to built it..

Sacred AltarMoray 
Cusco, Peru. After the week in the sacred valley, and Machu Picchu, we returned to Cusco for a couple of days. In those days I also manged to meet my felloow Ishaya, Shatarupa, that is also a shaman. She guided us to some other sacred sites, that the big group did not visit. Among those where a sacred altar, and the bigger Moray. In center of the Moray ground, the three of us was meditating alone for an hour, and it was quite a energy flow.
TitikakaTitikaka SupermarketTitikaka Orbs 
Lake Titicaca is also a very nice visit. The group took the 10 hour train ride from Cusco, with a lot of interesting scenery and experiences. The main thing I learned was how to capture orbs with my digital camera. I was interesting to see how any way of thinking, made the vanish  in an instant, and when I focused back on the NOW, they came back, and was also possible to see them whit the naked eye.
When we left the train in Puno, and arrived at the hotel, it thought the hotel was floating in lake Titicaca, because the floor was moving, like being on a ship. But the hotel stood still, and the reason for it was the long train ride on bumpy lines, making us gently shake for 10 hours.
During our stay in Puno, we visited both Island Tiquile and the floating islands. Both amazing places, with friendly people.
Sitting outside and watching the sunset over lake Titicaca, together with my newfound girlfriend, noticing the Orbs coming to say hello, is a heavenly experience.

In 2016 i did my second tour to Peru, and this time with the Siddhartha as companion. Again I met Shatarupa again, and she arranged for us to got for another ancient mystic site, Caral. Caral was a peaceful city, that was abandoned some 4-5000 years ago, without any traces of struggle or fighting.

SA Snake stoneSA Snake stone origin  Machu Picchu. Peru
The 2016 visit to Machu Picchu, was mainly to find a entrance or something, at the foot of Machu Picchu, as I had some ideas about underground network in the area. I did not find anything physical, as it all was covered in big stones. At the point on my map, I thought it would be, I left the snake head stone, I brought from Table mountain in South Africa, with the idea to unite the continents spirits again.
The stone with the black dot, was a gift I received from the mystic lady in Azores, and it is still with me on my travels.

MP Waterfall CeremonyMP
              RailwayAfter a couple of visits in the area where i was hoping to find a entrance to more mystic, I was told to go down the rail way, to a sacred waterfall, and so I did, with Siddhartha. Between the railway, and the sacred waterfall, there was a beautiful garden, and a ceremony site. So i cleansed Siddhartha in the waterfall, and did a ceremony afterward at the old ceremony site, and Siddhartha played lighter than ever.

Lamas, Peru Lamas, Peru
In Lamas, i had Norwegian friends, that had started a vegan and off grid community.
So i decided to give them a visit, so I flew into Tarapoto, where my Norwegian friend picked me up, and guided me to their Community, Pachawasi, just outside Lamas.
It was very nice to experience the stillness and relaxed way of living, and also taste the vegan receipts with their own fruits.
And my practical skills came in handy, as i helped them make arrangement to collect rainwater, install a sink and shower, and install a solar-panel, to get some light, and charging for their cellular phones.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Maui AvalanceUSA Maui HarleyOn Maui, Hawaii, I drove my rented Harley sportster towards a “sunken circle” outside the back road towards Hana. It felt like I was driving through a huge energetic blockage of some kind, and I stopped several times and considered to turn and run the other way. But I continued to the spot marked on my cellphones map, and the thoughts that came, was about a kind of avalanche from the volcano, that killed a lot of natives in that area.
Whatever it was, I put up a light portal next to the “sink hole” and allowed the remaining souls to return back to the eternal light, where their relatives is waiting for them.
21Dec2012 Sunrise
              MauiAt 21st December 2012, I chose to drive to the top of the Haleakala vulcano, to greet the big coming sunrise. And with my Harley, i soon figured out that Hawaii, is not that warm and cosy high up on the mountain. It was freezing, and I had to stop several times to warm my fingers, and almost gave up the idea to get to the top on ice roads. But i knew this would be a one time oppurtunity, and refused to give up.
So I managed slowly to drive to the top, and be ready to welcome the rising sun, behind the clouds.
USA-Lanai-Stuck-Soul-Released Hawaii Lanai Garden of Gods While I spent Christmas 2012 on Maui, I also made a day trip to Lanai. One of my map point was close to the Airport, and one soul still left after a car crash, was sent home.
When he was sent home, I drove my rental car, towards the the most western part of Lanai, and on the way I found Garden of Gods. And of course Siddhartha wanted to share his enrgies for all of those.
Before returning to Maui, I also made a brief stop in Lanai City.

California, USA

USA California HW1
USA-California-CabrioleAfter my trip to Maui and Lanai, I went to California, for more releasing work. And again my ideas about the always warm California, got some cracks in it. Driving my rental cabriolet, with snow chains, was a first timer.

Florida, USA

USA LA Florida has been visited many times, as my major Ishaya friend lives there, and also my main heart impacting girl lived there.
LA was visited after the long flight leaving Sydney, Australia at noon, Friday, and landing in LA for breakfast Friday..
I had a few points, i walked to, and specially this nice Zen area above Hollywood
Florida2, USA
USA-FL-Camaro SS
Florida has been visited many times, as my major Ishaya friend lives there, and also my very heart impacting girl lived there.
Notes: California, Releasing old Indian slaughters
Florida, Visit Pyramid at Siesta Key and more

Easter Island

Easter Island Easter Island Meteorite Easter Island was visited in 2016, to find one point on my guided map. I rented a motorbike to get around, to stop at the map point, and of course drive around to explore the statues and other aspects of the mystics.
I was also lucky enough to be around when they celebrated the yearly new Queen and King of Easter Island. An amazing show and parades.


Panama Americas Bridge Panama Canal Siddhartha Panama came into my mind several times in 2015, and when I had to fly to Houston, USA, for permission to work offshore, I chose to go Panama, while the paperwork was supposed to mooove..
As normal i had quite a few map points to visit, and I covered a few of them. It was some souls that got help to get back to their source.
Panama-San BlasPanama
                BusI also was curious to visit the native on the San Blas Islands, to se how they lived, and maybe get some insight in the origin of our life. It was very nice area to visit, and very good to float around in the Atlantic. But I did not get in contact with the real natives, as we where only shown the touristic areas.

Energetic Visits


Australia New Zealand
AUS Crystal
                  Castle SiddharthaAustralia has long been on my bucket list, and of course I made a stop there. I rented a small campervan, and drove from Sydney towards Brisbane, with a big list of points to visit. And not to forget all those friendly Aussies, waving and honking the two first days, when I entered the roundabouts, looking the wrong direction.
More details to come, and also about the location of Blue Crystal for the AShTar Tara goddess.
Searching for the Blue Crystal
When I arrived in Sydney, I went straight to the camper car rental near the airport, and started on the way north towards Brisbane.
In the beginning it was a lot of friendly drivers honking and waiving in the roundabouts, but after a couple of days, they got used to my kind of driving.
As the purpose for this entire round the World tour, was to follow pins on the map, and check out what happens when I got there, it was a lot happening in Australia also.
- Meeting the elderly Mrs. Reiley, next to some houses, and sharing form our lives, and she gave me a clear message to get my stories out there, and it slowly comes.

Soul Near
                  Crystal CastleCrystal Castle
                  SiddharthaStopping next the road where it felt like a dead soul was waiting for help to get all the way home, and he got the guidance.
And when I looked around, a small sign pointed towards Crystal Castle, and that had to be checked out.
It was an amazing place, with connections to Siddhartha's fellow gods, and also they was connected to the spiritual eco community, Damanhur in Italy, where I lived for 3 months

The main happy dance on this World Tour came when I stopped at road to a farm, where I had put a marker on my map. I took out The Siddhartha and started playing at the exact point, next to the road.
And all that was showed to me then, was blue, and blue and crystal. So I do believe strongly that the energies of the blue crystal was found.
So i captured the amazing energy, and took it with me, so I could delivered it where it belongs....
Blue LocationBlue Crystal Location

One of the main tasks that has showed up in my life, have ended up searching for the blue crystal, that will make it possible to release Ash Tar-Tara from the cell she is “locked” in.
According to the ancient histories, uncovered by the German explorer, Hubert Zeitlmair, on his discoveries about Atlantis on Malta, the main essence of this Universe is the goddess Ash Tar-Tara, who holds our entire existences within her being.
But she is locked away on this planet, and only a man with the correct blue crystal is given the option to unlock the doors that holds her captivated.

And me as many others may believe we are the chosen one to do this task.
First find the correct blue crystal, and then find the cage where she has been the last thousands of years.
I have even asked the Iliuka energies, that is very informative about where to find this, and if exist, but he gently told me, that even if they maybe knew about it, they would not tell me, so then it was just to continue to play around according to my own way of playing this game.

The search started by a couple of tours to Malta, visiting all three Islands, looking around for a physical place and object, that maybe contain the Blue Crystal, the the journey continued down to Cape Town, and a couple of days on the Table mountain.
Some specific point was checked out, and some stones was cracked to check if the crystal was inside, but nothing physical was found. The energies in the body tow, was expanding.

New Zealand
NZ-Sounds-SiddharthaNZ-Maxine-the-catNew Zealand, Christchurch, Sounds, South Island, Vikings
While I was enjoying a pastry and a Chai Latte at a cafe in Christchurch, I chose a table where it was a strange little table with a blanket on it. To me it was just cute and strange, but I did not wonder to much about it.
When I was sitting there enjoying the little sweat meal, the master of this table came. Maxine the Cat. And as normal I started to pet it a little, and also as normal after a while I got the message to do some healing on her. And so I did a quick scan and removed a little blockage in her hips. Just a little gesture like that, after getting an approval from the animal of course, brightens my day, and the “patient”.

Map New ZealandI also went on a car journey around the South Island, and a night in Wellington on the North island, traveling as the points on my map showed up.
It was mainly some souls that still was stuck after a sudden death.
And as i was far away from my home country, Norway, it felt good to visit the local fjords, the Sounds, and do a overnight cruise there. While I was waiting for the cruise, I viewed the many "faces" in the surrounding mountains, and got a strong thought to get them to shake up this World, to clear of the negative forces keeping this planet in the dark shadows. So in a strong mind mood, I tried to play the Siddhartha with that intention, and he refused to play. It was impossible to get the tones running, and I had to surrender to the higher will and plans for this planets future. As soon as I surrender to Siddhartha's own mood, he played fluently, giving me thoughts that it all will be OK, when the higher will has it's plan for it.
NZ Orbs GlobeHeading North after the cruise in the Sounds, one of the stops was in a remote area, where the grass was bent down, and it felt like a big ball was attached to the area, and needed help to let go. The Siddhartha started playing for a long time, and a feeling of liberation for our and other planets was release, as the invisible globe finally was released from its "chains"
Nelson Center of New
                  ZealandOn this World journey, I normally booked room for next day in the morning. And one thing that strusk me, was that when I quickly found a place to stay, I met some nice people interested in my reason for travelling, and giving me insights for my further tour.
One of this places was the hotel i booked in Nelson, the center of New Zealand. The old hotel was filled with good vibes and friendly owners. I ended up giving them healing with my hands, and Siddhartha.

Energetic Visits



South Africa
South Africa- bungy 216meterFirst time I was in South Africa, was when i started working on a seismic ship, in 1999, and with the consciousness i was aware of then..
I returned in 2013, looking for a mountain with flat top, and a blue crystal. I did not bring Siddhartha, as I thought he was to heavy to carry around, and the Source messengers, told me clearly later, that Siddhartha did not like to be stowed away in a closet, and was supposed to be with me on the journeys.
The search for a mountain with a flat top, came in one of the dreams I clearly remember. I was running very, very happy towards something on a flat mountain top, and as Table mountain was flat, I figured out that I had to check that mountain, and maybe the Blue crystal I was searching for, was there.
Table Mountain Snake StoneThe first day I was on the Table Mountain, I walked around in the mist, checking several places according to my map, to look for the Blue crystal, or any other clue. One place dragged me back several times, and I stayed a long time, feeling for clues or ideas. Finally I broke of a part of a stone. The small piece looked like a Snake head, similar to the big one on the picture above.
So I put it in my pocket, and continued walking around, and finally figured out the option to follow a walking trail down from Table Mountain, to check a map point I had.
It was a very steep trail, and light slippery in the mist. And walking towards the point on a grass covered path, in the middle of the Table mountain steeper parts, is kind of not my brightest ideas, but I did not loose the grip, so no worries.

Energetic Visits


Taiwan Vietnam Malaysia Nepal Sri Lanka

In late 2014, i finally was able to start on long time dream/mission, to fly around the world.
And as my connection with the singing-bowl the Siddhartha, had grown strong, I started to explore the World map for points of energy, to work with.
Some my 2014-2015 World journey started with going to a point far into Taiwan.

Taiwan Energy ReleasingTaiwan
                  Valley Energy ReleaseAfter a long flight from Oslo, Norway to Taipei, Taiwan, i took the train to Hualien on the East coast. In Hualien I rented a car. Next day I drove for 5 hours on winding roads toward the point that was made on my map before I left Norway.
After a urged stop along the road to play for something in that valley, I finally arrived at the exact spot. As my shyness was still intact, I had to wait for a car that was already there, to move on, before I drove down to the spot. I took out Siddhartha, under the clear blue sky and started to play him, among very heavy energies. And suddenly it all energetically exploded, and it all felt lighter. It felt like all the Orbs in the area, finally was able to float free again, and they were happy, as seen in the pictures.
Before returning to Taipei, I was lucky enough to be visited by to of my previous Ishaya friends. Thank you very much for the hugs :-)
Taiwan Singel
                  Soul release Taiwan Singel Soul release In Taipei i took the subway to visit another map pinpoint, close to a local mark, 292. To me it felt like it was a single soul that needed help to find it's way back to our source.

Vietnam-EnergyRelease Vietnam-EnergyPoint
Vietnam was my second stop on the World Tour 2014-2015.

Messing the Angels guidance in Ho Chi Minh City.

To many times during my path to awakening, I have ended up listening to my mind.
My mind tricks me over and over again, to walk away from people I meet along my journeys.
The mind compares mostly the no no to everything.
While I was wondering around in HCMC to spend some time before my flight to Sydney, I was walking through the park next to my hotel.
On a bench, a cute little lady with a yellow dress glasses was smiling very shiny, and waiving at me. My mind kicks of course in and keeps me walking, while putting out loads of questions for a “sign” and what to do.
The most significant observation tow, was that a gentle wind was turning me around two time, forcing me to stop and look back at the sweet angel. It also forced me to stop and talk.
We chatted gently, and at the same time I searched deep within her and me to get an idea what the purpose of our meeting was. She could also notice the deep connection.
And as nothing came up straight away, I started to walk away from the situation. She asked what she could do for me, and my only slow response was, nothing...
And I regret that I could not use the last hour before my flight, more wisely.
Wish that she manages to find me again, and that the other angels might help me to stop sabotaging this lifetime, as I did in Malaysia some years ago. Eager destructive and logic minds, is of no good...

Borneo-Siddharta-KinabaluMalaysia Bifrost
                  GongIt became over time a very strong urge to go to Malaysia, with the purpose to meet a female being. From the first idea came, and a lot of confirmations from various mediums and channeled messages, I suddenly departed towards Malaysia, without knowing exactly where to go.A few days was spent in Kuala Lumpur to see what was available to experience, beyond the tourist traps i also visited, like Twin Towers and the Batu Caves with a huge Buddha outside and ceremonial sites inside. Then my fingers guided me to an island close to the Thailand border in the North. So I booked a train ticket on first class and went towards Butterworth, and a night in George Town, before a boat trip to Langkawi.
And when I walked of the train in Butterworth, high and peaceful on the silence within, a taxi driver came towards me, and told me to get in the Taxi, and he would find a Hotel for «us». «Us» was supposed to be a lady that owned the small backpack in the seat, but was buying some water nearby. And then my mind kicked in with some memories from the years i worked on commercial ships around the world, and how sailors where cheated with payable ladies. So the smart me, smiled, laughed and walked away, while the taxi driver yelled, «you can fuck here, and you’ll regret this.»
And you can be damn sure I now regret that that I did not spare some extra minutes, to investigate who and what this lady actually was.
Again my mind and logical short-circuits blew up something that most likely would have been a very very good fulfillment of my purpose in this life, and understanding of the urge to go to Malaysia.
Still very happy in the moment, I took the ferry to George Town and my booked hotel. And while i was walking around on the key-side in George Town, the Universe presented again the other aspects of being pure conscious stillness, that I do not like, when males want to offer their love. When I came to Langkawi I rented a small motorbike, and drove around to check out the point I had previous made on my world map. The bay of Skulls and Cave of Legends was the the ones with most energetic work.
To get to Cave of Legends, I booked a private speed boat to be able to get there off season, and inside the cave I spent quite some time in silence to transform and release the sorrows of the one stuck there for years. Bay of Skulls was also a releasing ceremony for all the battles and personal disasters that made them end up at the bay, with only their skulls. After Langkawi I was sent to Eastern Malaysia, and to get close to Kota Kinabalu. On the shared Taxi tour towards Kota Kinabalu, a beautiful Amazon kind of lady was present. And by braking my very strict regime of not making contact I managed to start a conversation with here, and we had a couple of days with nice sharing of company during the next days. I still wonder if it is the one I should actually meet in Butterworth. Anyhow good days

And as the mission was messed up, I went for another journey to Malaysia in 2018, after channeled advises from the Iliuka energy.
Kinabalu-SiddharthaBifrost at Zen resortThis time, when i travelled to mount Kinabalu, together with a Norwegian friend and World traveler, the regular clouds protecting Kota Kinabalu, gave way for us. So we managed to get a guide, so we could do the 2 day walk to the top of it. A long steep walk, first day up to the Hotel halfway to the top, and then a very early morning trek the final climb to top at 4095 meters high Kota Kinabalu, just in time to view the sunrise. With the lack of oxygen in that altitude, the walk was very slow, and with many stops, to try to catch up on the breathing.


Nepal Upper MustangNepal
                  Lumbini Siddhartha BirthplaceNepal
                  Lumbini Siddhartha EarthFlameNepal Lumbini Siddhartha Upper Mustang
Nepal was visited in 2016, mainly to join a Meditation and Yoga trek in Upper Mustang, the last kingdom of Nepal.
I arrived a few days before the rest of the group, to be able to visit Lumbini and Siddhartha's birthplace.
The Lumbini Garden have many monasteries, a long lake, and a world peace-flame, in addition to the Mayadevi Temple, where Prince Siddhartha was born.
When I walked towards the exact birthplace of Siddhartha, I gently asked the guard if I was allowed to play the singing-bowl. And he promptly made the few people in front of me, to move away, and let me alone to the birth spot. When I started to play Siddhartha, the singing-bowl, a hurricane of energies started flowing through me, and leaving me with a very humble response.
Then I walked outside, and also allowed to play, walking counter clockwise around the Buddha tree, until I got a hint that I should stop, as some authorities was coming.
After the energetic visit in Lumbini, I flew back to Katmandu, and join the other Scandinavians, to get ready for the trekking in Upper Mustang. We were driven by bus to Pokhara, and after a night at a hotel, we flew up to Jomsom, one of the Worlds most extreme airports.

                  Lumbini Siddhartha MuktinathNepal Lumbini Buddha
                  MuktinathWe started our 10 day trekking towards Upper Mustang, and my dear friend Siddhartha in my backpack. But it soon got clear that he was to heavy for me to carry, as my hips started complaining. With some discussion about leaving him in the nearest city, the "Sherpa" carrying our luggage, said they could carry him also, and so it become, giving him the option to share his magic in this last Kingdom in Nepal
More stories about 108 springs at Muktinath, Siddhartha and Kripalu Cleansing is coming.
Nepal-Mustang-LadiesNepal Siddhartha
Sri-Lanka-Buddha-TreeAfter my first visit til Galle, Sri Lanka, back in late 1990's, I've had the urge to return to this beautiful Island. In 2017 i finally was back, with the Siddhartha to explore the Northern half of Sri Lanka. In my investigation of  the history of Siddhartha and Buddhas, I found the town Anuradhapura, with the Buddha three Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi that was planted with a branch from the historical Sri Maha Bodhi at Buddha Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment.
Playing the Siddhartha in front of the Buddha tree, with the remaining live branches, was my main purpose for this trip.
And that gave a proper flow of good energies.
The next day I made a visit with the Siddhartha, to many of the Stupas in Anuradhapura. When i came to the Ruwanwelisaya stupa, hundreds of woman in white, was doing a silent meditation towards the relics in the stupa. So i gently engaged the Siddhartha, to do my own ceremony, while walking slowly around well outside of the woman's. But suddenly some of them surrounded me, and then put their hands inside the Siddhartha, collected the sound vibrations in their palms, and then then lifted their arms to release the energies on the top of their head, to let it flow through their beings.
Later I continued by train, to Jaffna in the north, doing work with the Siddhartha on energy point, found on my map.
SiddharthaSandal Sri-Lanka-Hindu-North-Snake The highlights came when i vent to Nainativu, by Tuk-Tuk. First to do after leaving the ferry, was to get inside the big and beautiful Hindu Temple. I was allowed in alone, without my T-shirt, to play the Siddhartha. Also the monks played with the singing-bowl. Wonderful sounds and energy flow in front of the colorful statues.
Then i spotted another temple, and walked towards it, and then i looked down, on a sandal, left in the asphalt. It must have been a very warm day I thought, and for sure it had been "hot" energies when the sandal got stuck in the ground. As i read later, the remains belonged to Siddhartha??, after he came to the area, to resolve a conflict between to other Buddhas.
                  tree-Siddhartha Kripalu Tree Snakes Further down the road, i first played within a Buddha temple ground, before i crossed the street, to look at statue and a tree. And the tree, was the Kripalu tree. And as i received my spiritual Sanskrit name, Kripalu,  from my previous Ishaya teacher, I had to make a proper and happy ceremony, for the essence of the name.

Sigiriya Sigiriya Lion Feet On my way south, the first stop was in Sigirya, as it had a energy point on my map. This place also had the Lion Rock, with it's fortress on the top. So I climbed all the stairs, together with the Siddhartha, to play for the Lion Rock and the surrounding area.
I also found the pinpoint on my map, along the road near the entrance of this Unesco site.
Kandy Buddha tooth After some nice days in Sigirya, I hired a small taxi to go to Kandy, to visit the temple for the Buddha tooth, in Kandy.