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ER LogoWelcome to Energetic Release.
Energetic Release is dedicated to share and use old Ancient Teachings, and bring them to use in today's  way of living.

Bifrost Gong Energetic Gong is about sharing the effect of a huge variety of sounds and vibrations from various Gongs, Singingbowls, drums and other sound instruments we have in our custody, any given moment.
While attending a Gongbath, the only thing needed, is to lay or sit comfortably, and then simply observe what happens in mind and body, while the sounds and vibrations from the Gongs, Singing-bowls and other instruments, make their way to your inner source.

Healing HandsEnergetic Healing / Release also offers healing, either remotely or wherever i may be to meet in person. I have learned the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki IIIa master healing energies, and the Oneness Awakening Deeksha initiations.
By using these ancient teachings, and in combination with other Universal teachings I've learned, we might be able to release blockages or illness in the body and mind.

Siddhartha LoenBy using a combination of Ancient Healing techniques, Ancient Sound instruments  and Ancient Awareness methods for this moment, it might also give a good possibility to restore the joy of life.
By listening and allow the body and mind to experience how this ancient options used to heal people and nature, most beings reach a deep profound peace.
Remote Healing, Recording of a Gong/Sound bath or Online sessions is some of the nice options available for anybody.

Human Design 9
              Center BeingHuman Design Readings

Human Design is a program discovered by Ra Uru Hu, and is a very accurate description of how we are designed both Conscious and Sub-Conscious.
Free basic maps are available at Jovian Archive, but if you like a more detailed map and insight in your own strategy and authority for smoother living, I have more data available,

Bifrost GongWater Gong, Tone of Life